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Meet us

Once upon a time.....there were women with a passion. And that is how we conquered the world. The end.

Just kidding. Here is what really happened:

We were moms, friends, uniting with the same passion: we wanted a creative way to help our community, support local business after covid, and be the hub of contacts for anyone looking for a healing modality or a business to support here in the Central Valley of California. What we found is that others were looking for the same things and why not just leap into a business venture to make it happen? Well it took years of planning, scratching plans, failing over and over again, figuring out state and federal laws (its never ending), went through a rebranding, and this is where we are now! A business that keeps evolving, keeping the same values as we started: with transparency and integrity at the heart of our actions. 

So let's get to the good stuff: 

“At our core is a state of permanent, infinite bliss and awareness, which is called our true nature, truth, the natural state, consciousness, or the self.”- Gregor Maehle - Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy

SATYA is a Sanskrit term that is translated to "truth." The root SAT means "pure, eternal truth."

This is not a relative truth, as in your truth or mine.. this goes beyond our own bias. It is the ultimate state of BEing and the Absolute Truth that encompasses our existence. 

So how does one live aligned with Satya? 

People are complex and come from different walks of life, this human thing can be challenging, and everyone makes mistakes. What is important to do, is hold space with respect for all life, regardless of how others live and see the world. Another important thing to remember is the power of voice. To speak truth, comes from a place of heart and with non-violence to self and others. Simply put, speak and live kindly.

Haus of Satya is here to celebrate unity while also creating a space for people to nourish their individual creative expressions. We do this through online offerings, workshops, and events like our annual Revival Retreat. So far we have co-hosted the following events:

Meditation with herbal teas

Macrame Plant Hanger Workshops

Yoga & Sound Baths

Ecstatic Dance

Ceramic Mug Crafting

Self-Care Day with bouquet and herbal crafting

Limiting Beliefs Detox

And your favorite.. Revival Retreat (Catch us at the next one on 9.14.24)

Stay tuned for classes and blog posts on all sorts of topics, from biology to gardening to grief processing to budgeting with excel spreadsheets… we want to talk about it all! And as a business that is constantly evolving and shifting in this ever-changing world, we are thankful for the support we have been given and can't wait to grow with you!

Forever in gratitude, 

Haus of Satya Team


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